The hosts, Emanuele Trabucco and Sara Gastaldi knew that their passion for the African land and for nature could not be ignored and decided to move to Kenya in 2012, starting a new life.

Both members of the IAEA (Italian Association of African Experts) , they have been travelling across Africa for the last ten years. They challenged the most arduous routes, including the crossing of the Kalahari desert in Botswana, they knew the simplicity of the Himba culture, still linked to tribality and free from European influences, they were able to understand with their travel experiences how full of contradictions and of beauties, sometimes even cruel, is Africa.

After creating Paka Safaris, the tour operator specialized in tailor made safaris far from the mass tourism, they opened the Lions House Boutique Villa, located in front of the prestigious Malindi Golf Club. Equipped with only 5 rooms, it is a jewel surrounded by nature and peace in the north of the city. You can rent the whole villa where you can find a full staff with chef, housekeeper, pool attendant and all staff needed. To the south of Malindi, on the other hand, immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Marine Park, the Nyumba Ya Paka Boutique Hotel has just opened, a marvelous seaside resort with only 3 rooms including 2 suites.

Sara and Emanuele, always available for their guests, will be happy to entertain you with the stories of their African experience, tasting together with you a good glass of wine by the pool, showing the beauty of this land.

Their practical advice, of course, will be useful to the traveler who faces this experience for the first time.